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They came and took her in the night
this daughter of distress.
Sleeping so soundly in the angel's care
when woken from her bliss.
To another place you must go my dear
on this journey called your life.
We'll love you always please take care!
I'll pray, you have a happy life.

It's hard to love and care for these beautiful children owned by the state. But the worse part is when they decide to move them. The bonds you form are hard to deal with.

Once moved, because of confidentiality, you are often cut out of the picture, which is always leaving you wondering how they are and if they are being taken care of. You worry about them as your own. Even if you only had them in your care for a short while.

These children are not always easy to handle. They often come to you emotionally and sometimes physically distraught. It is very often hard for them to trust you because of their past. They will most assuredly test you to see if you will accept them for who they are, or discard them when they are not at their best, but through time and patience these children are well worth your efforts.

They may come to you not knowing simple tasks and unsanitary, never having been taught these things. They may never have had a bed to make before or a closet in which to hang up their clothes, if they have any with them when they arrive. But to experience the proud smile on their face the first time they accomplish these tasks is a joy I cannot begin to explain.

The state will require you to take several courses pertaining to the type children you have decided to bring in your home and will do a home study to make sure your house is up to their standards before they issue you your foster care license.

The child I'm talking about in the above verse was with us for two years. She calls us here and there always wanting us to know where she is.

She told me she's coming back to take care of me when I'm old because I took care of her when she was little. It's things like this that make sharing your heart and home worth it.