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Fathers have a unique role in influencing and shaping their sons' lives. Influence from the dad is the key in shaping the academic performance and emotional and social development of their growing sons. The care and love of guiding dads help the teen boy to become independent, responsible and have good goals in life.

Traditional, orthodox fathers who are authoritarian and coercive suppress sons who then tend to show behavioral problems. Harsh punishments by fathers produce boys who are emotionally disturbed and thus unable to relate to society well. Strict fathers have no bonding with their sons. Their relationships are loveless, cold and almost always full of objections.

The importance of fathers in promoting father-son relationships cannot be denied. The mother can't be the caregiver, disciplinarian and homemaker all rolled into one. Dads need to assume responsibilities in parenting, too. Fathers compliment the mothers by their distinctive touch of manly roles. Fathers tend to fare better in some duties such as disciplining the sons. Fathers are also better at accompanying the boys to outdoor activities which the boys love.

Promoting father-son relationships involves strengthening the bonds between them. Spending time with sons goes a long way in bonding. A strong bond means that the son is more open to communication with the father. The boy is more likely to confide in his father about certain problems which he may feel embarrassed to talk to his mum about. This communication is very important as it serves to check upon the current hobbies, friends, ambitions and desires of the boy's adolescence years. The father can then guide the son and help him overcome the transition from the " turbulent " teen years into stability in early adulthood.

Every boy differs in his personality and needs. It is up to the father to see how best he can help his boy in practical matters. The fatherly attention is priceless beyond material possessions.

A father may want to equip himself with effective parenting skills, disciplining, motivation, communication and active involvement skills in maintaining a strong bond with his sons. A warm and loving father-son relationship is crucial in making a good young man out of the boy. There are organizations which help to promote father-son relationships. They serve to help the father do an analysis of his strengths and weaknesses. This fathering profile serves as a guide for the father to decide how to improve his fathering role.

There is no fixed formula to develop stronger bonds with sons. The essentials are the sincerity to spend time with the son and involvement in the boy's life so that the father will be providing the role model. Parents can also attend parenting talks, workshops, seminars, parent support groups and father-son bonding activities. It helps to develop common hobbies together like collecting stamps, coins, postcards, fishing, camping, roller-blading, nature rambles etc. Promoting family activities goes a long way in teaching fidelity and piousness which are golden attributes in the parents' twilight years.