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Nine months later that beautiful baby is born. The pregnancy was easy. There was no complications and you took care of yourself and your baby. You can't wait to go home with your new baby to start your life together, when your doctor comes in with some news. After the first physical, they have discovered your child has down's syndrome.

How could this happened? Why me? What did I do wrong? All of these questions will run through your mind when you hear the diagnosis of your baby. The first thing you have to do is accept that you, the parent, didn't do anything wrong. A child born with down's syndrome is not the mother's fault. During your pregnancy the cause of down's was not developed because you weren't eating right or excising. Even if you drank alcohol or smoked that didn't cause it. Down's syndrome is developed because of an extra chromosome. Normal people have 46 chromosomes in each cell. The individual with down's syndrome has 47. That extra chromosome is number 21.

It is very common for women over 40 to give birth to kids with down's syndrome. But what if you're not over 40 and you were not given the test to see if your child will have down's and your baby is born with it. Don't blame your doctor or yourself for not taking the test. You have to accept your baby was born with this and start preparing yourself for a different life from what you were expecting with a normal child. Of course you were expecting a healthy, alert, active child, when your baby will be much slower and most likely will have some type of medical problem.

How do you deal with this? First make sure what ever type of medical problem your child might have is taken care of. A lot of kids with down's have congenital heart disease. If your baby has this illness, have it taken care of as soon as possible, especially if they need any type of surgery. Build a good relationship with your child cardiologist for you will be seeing this person on a regular basis for the rest of your child's life. The next thing you can do is read about down's syndrome. Read and study about down's so you will understand how your child develops this and the different stages your child will go through as they develop. The developmental stages of your child's growth will be slower.

They won't talk, walk, run or comprehend as fast as a normal child, but eventually they will get to all of those stages, just at a slower pace. You have to accept your child's pattern and stages will be different and sometimes frustrating. This is when you as the parent will need to develop patience, understanding and will power to get through every stage with them.

Acceptance is a major part of when your child is born with down's syndrome. That is one of the most important things you can do is accept this situation and understand about it. Yes your baby will be slower at the normal things that most kids do so naturally, but you're not to blame. These are the cards that were dealt to you. Accept it. Love your child, be there for them and enjoy your Down syndrome baby. For they are truly special children.