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Next to teenagers, toddlers are the hardest to teach. This is a guide on how to teach a toddler that certain things are not allowed. With all of the laws on child abuse it is hard to know how to discipline your children, so hopefully this will give you some ideas. These techniques have been found to work quite well.

Hitting your child is not allowed anymore so we need some new ways to deal with their misbehavior. These variations on time outs work, but remember consistancy is very important.

If the child is hitting other children, try removing them from the situation for a few minutes, not in time out but away from the other children with some toys of his own. If you are able play with the other children and when you feel that your child is ready to join the others, then allow him to come and play with you and the other children. If he decides that while he is playing by himself that he wants to play with you then allow him to do so but explain that hitting is not allowed and if it happens again then he will not be allowed to play with the children or you.

This works for a lot of things such as taking toys: just give the toy back and remove him from the situation. Throwing things is a little bit harder to deal with. The best solution is to get get a playpen and put the child in the playpen for a little bit as a time out with no toys. It is recommended one minute for every year of age plus one minute. Your child will probably cry and scream, but don’t start to time until he has stopped and tell him that he won't be allowed to play until he calms down.

Refusing to eat what you put in front of them is a normal toddler reaction. Children tend to know when they are hungry even if you don’t, so if you don’t allow your child to eat a lot between meals then this problem may not be a problem for you. If it is still a problem try these techniques. Try taking it away for a minute then ask her if she is ready eat properly. If she starts to throw the food after you give it back then feed it to her. Toddlers like to feel independent and don’t like having you feed them so they will fight you, just explain to them that they can not feed themselves until they are ready to do so without throwing it.

Try not to hit your child when they hit or throw things, since this will confuse them more than teach them. By hitting your child you are saying that it is okay for you to hit but they are not allowed. Toddlers feel that they are equal to you and anything you do they can do. Don’t give them attention only for doing wrong.

When your child does something right don’t reward them with sweets and toys but with praise, and if they like stickers, then give them a sticker.

Remember that raising a child takes patience and can be very frustrating, but in the end it is very rewarding.

Aspirin and Tylenol are things that you will find yourself buying more often then you ever thought was possible, whether you have a toddler or a teenager.