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Sometimes I see things that hit a nerve in my mind's eye, like today. I drove up to my daughter's Pre-K school and sat in the car with my 17 month old. Being a stay-at-home mom is awesome. As I sang the Tarzan tunes to my son for the 80 millionth time today, I gazed past his face into the playground of the school and saw something that I am sure was not intended. There were four swings in a row. Each swing swung a young toddler. Each toddler, on this particular day wore a red T-shirts, I am sure by chance. The four swings swung back in forth in unison, forward, back, forward, back . The same exact image replicated at the same time, no difference, no delineation between the little people they held. I thought; ”Ooh, that’s scary.” This picture seared into my brain a horrific thought: Complete individuality and uniqueness erased. Most of America’s very young children are being raised in an environment that herds them to breakfast, rushes them through diaper changes, massive bottle feedings, assembly line art projects, group potty time, eat, drink, clean sessions, everyone lay down and nap or else, get up lets all play on the swing set, come in lets all hear a story, and everybody gets a juice cup of Hi-C, share, share, share, “That’s nice Tommy but we weren’t drawing our homes, we were drawing flowers.” everyone clean up, everyone sit down, everyone work together, everyone wait in your spot for your Mommy and Daddy, end of the day.

Complete individuality erased from the minds and most importantly the hearts of our young children. So, what is my point? Think about the ramifications to the fostering of this group mentality. If you are rarely treated like an individual, you may never exhibit individualistic traits. If our children fail to see themselves as individuals, how will we expect them to pursue their own individual hopes and dreams? If they are no longer able to think as individuals, how will they be able to be excellent and effective problem solvers or most importantly, leaders of men and women? Will they ever defend, stand and fight or go along with the group? Is that the intended outcome of the Liberal agenda in this country?

If we create “Group Mentality”, we destroy individualistic pursuits and wants and therefore are quite possibly a bit closer to a Socialistic society. An excellent tool for achieving this would be a government that encourages dual income families to deduct daycare expenses from their taxes so that these children are raised in a group care environment. Are they intentionally steering you to abandon your young? Have you bought their game? Have they made leaving your children convenient in order to collect tax money on not one income but two, and then let you deduct the childcare expenses so you see them as sympathetic? With such creative financing from your government, only your own moral compass will save your children from assembly line childhoods. Do you have one?