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Most parents would agree that getting their children to eat is difficult enough, let alone teaching them how to cook. Nonetheless, your preschooler can learn a lot in the kitchen, and they’ll appreciate the lessons once they move away from home.

I should prepare for a big mess, right?
When cooking with your child you need to bring the actions down to their level, literally. Find a kiddy-sized table that your child will feel comfortable working at. Once you begin cooking, you’ll probably find that your child is doing his or her own best to keep things in order. Kids love to break eggs, but not if it makes their fingers all sticky.

How can I make cooking safe for my child?
Plastic or serrated dinner knives are a must. You can let your child press the button on the blender, but always keep dangerous objects under your complete control. Keep all kitchen devices unplugged when not in use. And most importantly, you should constantly remind a child if
things are too hot to be touched.

How does a young child learn from cooking?
Science can be fascinating to a child, especially if it’s edible. Kids love to watch foods change shape. Let your child guess if the muffins will become bigger or smaller when you put them in the oven. Kids are discovering chemistry when they watch the butter melt, and they find it
fascinating. Cooking also helps children understand sequential events. For example, you must mix the ingredients before putting the batter in the pan. In the end, your child will feel good when he or she can share
the final outcome of their efforts. Cooking boosts a child’s self-esteem and rewards them for their patience.