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When you have a baby that is colicky, the best thing you can do is to cope with the crying as calmly as possible. When you remain calm, your baby may calm down.

There really isn't a sure cure for a baby's crying. But there are a number of things you can do to calm your baby. None of them come with a guarantee, but they are all worth trying.

Carrying gives your baby a feeling of security and closeness similar to that of being in the womb. Studies have shown that babies that are held more, cry less.

When your baby cries, respond within a few minutes. The longer a baby cries, the longer it takes to stop the crying. For inconsolable crying, experts suggest letting the baby cry for 5-15 minute intervals. In between the intervals, pick the baby up and soothe him or her and put them down again.

Rock your baby rhythmically. Some babies like side to side or up and down.

Take your baby for a walk in their stroller or in your arms. The change in scenery might distract your baby.

Sing to your baby or play rhythmic sounds or music. Many babies are calmed by a fan or vacuum cleaner also.

Since colic usually lasts 2-3 months, parents need to think about their sanity.

Take a break, at least once a week, during your baby's crying time by having someone else watch your baby. Or on the same note, give your baby a break from you. Put him or her down in their bassinet or crib for a while and do something else. You could vacuum so you don't hear the crying and can relax for ten minutes.

If you feel you can't take anymore or you feel violent, get help immediately. Call someone to come over or go to a neighbor until you can collect yourself. There are local hotlines that can help counsel you through this trying stage. Don't wait until you've hurt your baby and it's too late.