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Choosing between using cloth or disposable diapers is a big decision. The choice that is right for you may not be right for someone else. Decisions are usually based on finance, convenience, and the impact on the environment. Both cloth and disposable diapers have positive aspects and negative aspects.


1. convenience- no collecting or laundering
2. time-saver- faster and easier to put on and
take off
3. absorbance- holds more and causes less diaper
rash (according to manufacturers)
1. diaper rash- due to infrequent diaper changes
since babies seem drier
2. environment- not biodegradable and adds to
garbage control problem
3. expensive- shopping and buying diapers takes
time and costs money every couple
of weeks


1. convenience- clean diapers dropped off/dirty
diapers taken away
2. no rash- more frequent changing/can feel
when baby is wet
3. time-saver- no laundering of dirty diapers
4. economical- saves money
5. environment- ecologically sound

1. hassle- separate diaper covers needed to
avoid getting everything wet
2. changes- difficult diaper changes due to
cloth, pins, cover etc.
3. wetting- night changes unless doubling up
cloth diapers
4. soiled- carrying soiled diapers when
5. storage- storing soiled diapers for laundering

Consider your lifestyle and choose a diaper that will be convenient to both you and your baby.