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It is easier to baby proof your house as babies are less mobile but it is almost impossible to make your house toddler proof. The best you can do is
to make it toddler resistant. Toddlers are more curious and mobile than babies are. They are almost fearless and can get involved in dangerous situations easily. The house is a place where maximum accidents during childhood take place. We are more vigilant when we go out so we can avoid certain types of mishaps. It is important to be more vigilant when we are inside our house.

You should start baby proofing your house before the baby arrives. By the time baby gets mobile you get used to taking all the necessary precautions. So do not wait till the first mishap occurs.

Most accidents take place in the kitchen and bathroom. In the kitchen toddlers may pull hot food from the burners. They may touch hot vessels. According to National center for Health statistics burns are the no.1 cause of childhood injuries. It is better to use back burners all the time. Turn all the pot and pan handles inside. Keep all the knives and sharp tools hidden. The toddlers may try to reach for the things that they can see but can not get. This may be dangerous.
Never leave baby or toddler alone in the kitchen.

With slippery floors, water and electrical appliances bathroom is another place for most common accidents. Toilets and small buckets are the prime drowning dangers. Keep buckets and toilet lids closed. You can get toilet locks for additional safety.
In bathroom keep soap, detergent, baby oil away from their reach. Use non-skid mat in the tub. Playing in water is fun provided it is done under supervision.
Never leave a baby or a toddler alone in the bathroom even for a minute. Babies can drown in just few inch of water and toddlers can get bad burns if they fiddle with hot water tap.


This is the place where the child spends most of time. So naturally safety here is of a prime importance.
Check all the toys for lose small pieces to reduce the danger of choking.
The nursery furniture must have rounded edges. The crib slats should not be more than 2 & 3/8 inch apart. The windows should have guards and latches. The infant can slip through as little as 5-inch gap so check for all the openings. Use screen doors and door locks.
Venetian blinds can be silent killer. Those long hanging cords can strangulate a baby or a toddler. As far as possible nursery should not have blinds. In all other rooms the cords for blinds should be hung beyond their reach.

Other rooms
Check all the furniture for sharp edges. Either cap those sharp edges or keep the furniture away for a while.
Keep all the pieces with glass top away for a while. Toddlers can jump or dance on these tops, which is very risky.
In all the rooms keep some interesting and safe items like plastic containers, bottles, and toys in lower cabinets so that the child has safe play area in every room.
If you have indoor houseplants check if they are poisonous. Babies can become seriously ill due to chewing on these leaves or flowers.
Pick all the items less than 1-inch diameter off the floor. Babies and toddlers like to use all their senses to judge any new item. Most of all they like to taste and touch any new thing. Objects less than 1-inch diameter pose a threat of choking.
Hanging electric wires are dangerous as the toddler may trip over it or get strangulated by it. Toddlers and babies love to pull anything that is hanging so when they pull the wire the gadget may fall on them.
Never underestimate their strength. Especially toddlers have lot more strength than we can imagine. They can easily push through the screen doors. They may not be able to lift but they can certainly pull or push heavy things.

If you hide something or lock something away remember not to open it in front of a toddler. Once they know the location they will try to reach for it somehow. They are also very clever in figuring out how to open all the locks except for the combination lock.
In short for baby proofing your house you have to look at everything from a child's point of view? If you have extra curious baby then you have to be very careful. But in general it is better to be sure than sorry.