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Most kids will at sometime develop a fear of monsters in their bedrooms. This can be a terrifying experience for them and very frustrating for the parents. When this happens, most kids end up sleeping in their parents’ bed. The child may get a good night sleep but you must address the problem in order to be able to help them get over their fears. If your child is experiencing this problem you will find the following tips and ideas to be very good in helping them to overcome his/her fears.

Using a monster repellent spray has worked for many parents, especially with younger children. You can make your own by mixing a few ingredients and putting it in a spray bottle, which you label monster repellent. Place this bottle in a special place for your child. Just before bedtime spray his/her bedroom, under the bed, in closets, and any other places that your child feels that there are monsters. Explain to your child that this special repellent will keep all monsters away. It’s a good idea to have your child in the room with you while you are spraying the room. A very good recipe for this is to mix one cup of water, a few drops of food coloring, and a few drops of your choice of essential oil, which you can purchase in any health store.

Another useful way is not to allow your child to watch scary movies but if you already have, then you can try the following idea. Rent one of the videos that show how science fiction producers create monsters for their movies. Watch this video with him/her explaining that there are no such things as monsters. Make sure that you point out the materials that are being used such as plaster, rubber, etc., in creating the monsters. This can work with older children, do not try this with very young children they may not have the understanding and will only become more frightened. Only you know if this idea can work with your child. He/she must be able to sit and listen to what you are saying and have the ability to understand.

Purchase a large size of construction paper and ask your child to draw a picture of the monster that is frightening him/her. The drawing should take no more than one fourth of the paper. After he/she has drawn the monster help your child to draw a picture of him/herself feeling courageous somewhere not too close to the monster. Each day ask him/her to add something to the drawing that makes the child feel stronger and a little less frightened. Do this for one or two weeks telling your child that when there is no more room for any more drawings he/she will feel so brave and courageous that the fear will go away. At this point the child will draw a big red X across the monster, which means that the monster has lost, he is not scary anymore. But if your child’s fears go away ahead of schedule he/she can draw that big red X at any time.

Depending on your child’s age and ability to understand, talk to your child asking him/her what is scary about monsters. Find ways to turn those features into not so scary features. For example if the monster’s face is ugly make up a little story as to why the monster was made with an ugly face. Explain and if possible show them that there are all kinds of creatures that may be ugly but it doesn’t mean that they are bad. Show them some pictures of some really ugly animals like a hammer head shark, that sort of thing. Hopefully you may be able to convince your child that just because we see something different or ugly it doesn’t have to scare us. Many times children get scared of things that they do not understand, but if we take the time to find out what their reasons for feeling this way are, we can then help them. We can explain things to them and depending on the age of the child you can choose the best ways to help them.

During the time that you are working with your child to overcome this fear. If you feel that he/she can not sleep alone then it would be best for you to sleep with them in their own room, instead of bringing them into yours. This way they will not become used to sleeping in your bedroom.