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As parents we dread rainy days when there isn't school. The kids are grumpily stuck in the house, no matter what you have they're bored and there's nothing to do. Soon tempers are rising, they're arguing and you're ready to run away from home. Before you banish everyone to their bedrooms here are a few activities to keep everyone happily occupied.
Get an old sheet (preferably a plain white one but any will do) and as many colored markers as you can find. Put two layers of newspaper over your dining table and then the sheet on top-grab the kids and the markers and go to work!You could plan it around a specific theme such as jungle, race track or animals. Clean up is minimal and your children have a new tapestry.
Having a Story hour is another idea. Let your kids pick out a favorite book and then plan around it. For example if you're reading "Where The Wild Things Are" you could darken the room, give them each a blanket and a flashlight-a good snack would be gummy worms or spiders. Encourage your children to dress up before Story hour as their favorite character.
Stringing beads is another, you can make necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Gluing beans and/or macaroni noodles onto written words and names is good as well, they are having fun while learning. Collages too, children love cutting and gluing. It's easy to plan a collage around a certain topic, such as the color green or the word love.
The most important thing is to encourage your children's creativity, listen to a few of their ideas. Don't heisitate to play along right beside the kids, it might just help your rainy day blues too.