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Nowadays it seems like everyone is having their child's birthday party outside of the home. They are in fast-food chains, indoor play areas, movie theaters and other such places. Birthday parties like this are very expensive. Most parents can't or won't pay for these costly parties. But that doesn't mean your child has to become a social outcast. Having a party at home can still be trendy and save you a lot of money at the same time.

These are some themes to give your party a classic look and keep the kids having fun. The activities listed are in addition to the opening of presents, eating cake and free play.

1. Traditional Theme:
Activities- penny toss
pin the tail
musical chairs
freeze dance

2. "Color Theme":
Activities- "colored" play-doh
pin the cloud on the rainbow
"colored" cupcake decorating

3. Arts N Crafts Theme:
Activities- sock puppet
balloon design
sand art

4. Scavenger Theme:
Activities- hide N seek
treasure hunt
scavenger hunt

5. Olympic Theme:
Activities- red rover
red light/green light

Almost all of the activities, aside from the Arts N Crafts theme, won't cost you a cent. The Arts N Crafts activities are only a few dollars and can be taken home as part of their goody bag.

As far as the goody bag is concerned, visit your local dollar store. There you will find candy and toys to fill your goody bags for only a few dollars. The kids will love the assortment and you will love the savings.