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Books , unlike TV or other forms of entertainment , never get boring . TV doesn't let you imagine . It feeds you and you eat . Books , on the other hand , create a picture of the story in your mind , which no director or filmmaker can even hope to match . Movie versions of famous books often bomb at the box office .
There are billions of types of books in this world , but I'll tell you only about a few . The common types . The Comics , Classics , Horrors .
They will keep you occupied long enough.
For the real book lover …….

There are the classics . Once in a several years , a brilliant mind comes up with a literary masterpiece, that remains the subject of book reviews for decades to come.
When you think of classics , you think of the Dickens and Twains . However , just as interesting and entertaining are the works of the lesser known writers .
J.D Salinger is perhaps not as well known as Mark Twain or Edgar Allan Poe , but " The Catcher in the Rye " and his other works , can give his famous counterparts , a run for their money . Seven words best describe " The Catcher in the Rye " - A burning classic of post -war adolescence . This story revolves around an emotionally disturbed Holden Caulfield , who runs away from his mundane school , Pencey Prep . Salinger follows Caulfied , through his depressing journey , through the streets of New York . "The Catcher in the Rye " is one of those brilliantly written books , that have remained the topic of discussion in English Classes to this day .
A lot of Europeans have written novels just as intriguing as " The Catcher in the Rye " or " Tom Sawyer " . In the 1860s , Fyodor Mikhail Dostoevsky , plagued by epilipsy and poverty , wrote "Crime and Punishment ".In this stunning classic , the protagonist , a young man called Raskolnikov , murders an old woman for money . However , his guilty conscience refuses to leave him and his life , along with the life of his mother , sister and friend , Razumikhin , is thrown into disarray .
One of the greatest works , which deal with the universal theme of Crime and Punishment .
An Algerian born Albert Camus , became the youngest Frenchman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in the 1950s.His work, "The Outsider " ,deals with a person who is thrown into jail , for a murder which he has committed. His emotionless face , and blunt personality are something the jury can not understand . I finished this book in 30 minutes. That's just how thick the book is. But in around a hundred pages , Albert Camus , has written something great.

For those people who want to scare themselves….

There is Edgar Allan Poe , Stephen King , John Saul…the list is endless.
Stephen King ,who has never looked back since "Carrie " in the early 70s , has written some truly frightening novels . One of his best works is "It " . Strange title , but this book is nine hundred pages of suspense , thrills and chills . "It" is about a group of seven children , who in 1957, fight off the ultimate evil , It , from their home town Derry . They swear to return to fight it , if It ever returns.
It takes the form of everyone's worst fears . However ,he is often seen as Pennywise the dancing clown . He was seen in 1905 , 1957 , and for the last time in 1984 .
In 1984 , the group of seven , now a group of six ,are reunited in Derry . It had returned after 28 years , as it had always returned after a cycle of 28 years .
The six kids , now grown ups , fight and kill It , but not before more of them are killed , and the others are left waiting to fall into the Mouth of Madness.
Other King novels , The Green Mile , Misery , and his short stories are something that will stay with the reader for months together.
John Saul , like King , writes thrillers . All his books are well written , with original ideas . " Hellfire " and " Second Child " are his best works.
These books may not have nice endings , but the reader reads at his own risk.
As Stephen King says " only people with strong hearts and stronger stomachs may apply ".

For the people who like laughs and want a static vocabulary …
Comics are the answer . Comics are fun , fast and forgettable . They leave the reader with a lot of jokes and wise cracks to remember, and show off , later. Archies are my favourite and the favourite of millions around the world.
Action Comics - Batman , Superman , Spider Man , The Fly, are great to read, and great illustrations only add to the beauty of these comics.
True, these comics don't do much to improve you vocabulary or the way you think, but they make you feel good to be a human being.

These books are sure to keep you entertained for months . They are sure to stay in your mind for years.