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Is there a baby in your home or will there be soon? Do you know someone who is going to have a baby? Homemade baby wipes are a snap to make, gentle on your baby’s bottom, save you money, and make a great gift when enclosed with the recipe card. They can also be adapted for many other household purposes.

The recipe is very simple, and has been passed around all over. You will need:

Plastic or Rubbermaid Container (about 3.2 QT)
1 roll of Bounty Rinse & Reuse Paper Towels
2 T Baby Bath
1 T Baby Oil
2 C Water


Cut the roll of paper towels in half with a very sharp knife. In your plastic container, mix the ingredients well. Add ½ roll of paper towels. Place the lid on the container and let it set for about 10 minutes. Then flip the container over for another 10-15 minutes. It might not even take you this long, if you keep your eye on it. You want to make sure that the ingredients have soaked through all of the paper towels. When all of the ingredients have absorbed, open the container and stand the paper towels on end with the jagged side that was cut down. Pull the brown paper out of the middle, so that you can pull the wipes through the center. Then you just pull the wipes as needed. They tear apart very easily and make diaper changing simple.

Homemade baby wipes will be very gentle on your baby’s bottom, and you can take comfort in the fact that there’s nothing in them that you haven’t put there! They will also save you time and money.

This recipe can be adapted for several household uses. Exclude the baby bath and baby oil to include about ¼ cup of your multi-purpose cleaner for quick wipe-ups. Exclude the baby bath and increase the baby oil to your own desired amount for after-bath body wipes to decrease baby oil on the floor of your shower or tub. Add some Armor All for quick car clean-ups. The possibilities for homemade wipes are limitless and efficient.