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Next time you leave your children home with a babysitter, keep this handy checklist nearby to make sure you leave your sitter with all the necessary information in case of an emergency. It is a good idea to laminate the list, and put it on your refrigerator and various locations throughout the house.

Parent's name
Children's names, ages, weights
Your address
Your phone number
Closest intersection to your home
Poison control phone number
911 or if 911 is not available, hospital phone number
Children's pediatrician and phone number
The number where you will be, name of restaurant, theater, etc.
Your cellphone or beeper number
Telephone numbers of 1-2 neighbors
Instructions on bedtime routines, what children can or cannot eat, watch on tv, etc.
Location of candles/fuse box

It is also important to ask the sitter what he/she would do in certain situations. For example, the baby is crying and won't stop, the toddler falls and cuts her hand, the power goes out, the children wont go to bed, etc. Make sure that the sitter will handle the situations in the way that you desire.

It is also a nice gesture to show the sitter how to work the tv, vcr, computer, etc. Show them what food is available for them, etc,

Once you have covered this list with the sitter, you can feel confident that you have covered all the bases and can go out and have a nice evening!