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A 3 month old baby may stay awake for about 45 minutes. As she grows older, she remains awake for longer stretches of time of up to 3 hours. Instead of feeling troubled that you have to care more for your baby during these wakeup periods, you can use this time constructively by engaging in fun play. You can enjoy your baby and simultaneously help her to develop physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

Babies love to explore with their hands. They want to touch whatever is within reach and literally get a taste of everything. All objects within grasp end up in their mouths. They love musical toys that have mechanical movements. They also enjoy staring at faces. They are especially delighted with smiles and funny faces. Whenever you make a funny face, your baby will appreciate the joke and laugh spontaneously. You are stimulating her mentally as her brain works to tell her that this is a funny situation that calls for laughter.

For her physical development, you can sit your baby up on your lap. She will be exercising her neck and back muscles. When she feels tired, she'll automatically indicate signs of trying to lean back and lean against you. During this time of sitting together, both of you can watch snatches of TV together. Be wary of carrying on too far. It is tiring for baby to sit up for too long. Also, avoid sitting baby in a high chair unsupervised to watch the television. The television is not a babysitter. It may unconsciously develop into a bad habit. Later on in the toddler years, bad habits may be met with terrible temper tantrums when you try to change the habits.

Make full use of the vast array of eye-catching objects in the home to entertain your baby. Tour your home with your baby and pin-point to her the things of interest. This is a free and wonderful pastime. Baby will not tire of touring the home in the comfort of your arms. Talking to your baby stimulates her hearing. This encourages babbling with is the pre-requisite to intelligible speech. Watching TV produces the same result as talking to your baby as it stimulates her hearing and encourages baby to talk back in her own way.

When shopping for toys, choose bright and colorful ones, as these are pleasing and eye-catching to the baby. They must be of suitable size for baby to grasp and play with it herself. Everything ends up in the mouth so be prepared and avoid toys that are sharp or pose the risk of getting swallowed. Read the warnings on the toy box that indicates the suitable age for use.