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When choosing a baby¡¦s name there are many different things to think about before actually deciding.

These include:

„h if you wanted the name shortened or not
„h family traditions/members
„h naming them after someone
„h what the name really means
„h what the name represents

To get ideas, just listen everywhere you go and write down any names that appeal to you. If you¡¦d like your family to get involved or perhaps input some names they like, ask them, they¡¦ll probably be only too happy to do so.

Once you¡¦ve found a few names you both like, look up the names in a name dictionary. This will list many popular names, plus where they originated from and what they mean.

Remember that the child will have the name for their whole life. Write it down with the surname, does it look and sound good?

Think about stereotypes. For instance Olive will be associated with Popeye¡¦s girlfriend, Mickey like the mouse etc. If you are going to name you child after a famous person think about if you ill still like the person in ten/twenty years time. Do you just like the name from where is comes from or stands for or do you actually like the name?

If you like the name Zachary, but don¡¦t like the name Zac ¡V remember that later in life it will probably be shortened by friends or even relatives, so in effect you have to like both names really before you commit. If you don¡¦t like the shortened version, look for something else. Most names, (even the ones you¡¦d think couldn¡¦t be) can be shortened.

When it comes to intervention by well-meaning parents, try to remind them that in the end it is your decision. Don¡¦t put up with or agree to a name you don¡¦t like just to keep the peace, you¡¦ll regret it in the end.