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So your newborn needs a bath. Bathing your little one is a wonderful way for moms and dads to spend some precious one-on-one time. While the first bath or two can be quite a challenge, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. The key is to have all your gear at arms reach before your little one takes a dip.

Equipment: Below are some suggestions to make the bathing experience smooth sailing. As you know, it’s tough to get any job done without the proper equipment.

· Bathtub: Using a plastic baby tub that is ergonomically designed is much more practical than using a standard bathtub. There is no leaning over or trying to awkwardly handle your child if he or she is a squirmier. The tub will last until your baby outgrows it at about 12 months.

· Towel

· Soft Washcloth

· Skin and Hair Care Products: Remember that your baby has delicate skin, so you will want to use products that are mild. Liquid soap is easier to apply with a washcloth as compared to bar soap, and it lathers quicker. Also, since liquid soap is in a dispenser, it will not collect as much bacteria as soap that is sitting in a dish. As far as shampoo, go for one that is tearless.

· A Tub Thermometer: This will ensure that the water temperature is safe for your child.

· Toys: When your child is old enough to pick one up and hold it. In the meantime, moms and dads, feel free to talk and play with your baby during bath time since this is a perfect opportunity to bond.

The Bath: Bathing your baby is something you do not need to do everyday since infants do not get messy until they have reached the crawling stage. At most, you’ll be giving your baby a bath two to three times per week. Each day, however, make sure that you thoroughly clean your baby’s diaper area and wash your newborns hands and face.

1. Fill the plastic tub with two to three inches of warm water. A safe temperature is about 90 to 100 degrees F.

2. Make sure that your baby is bundled up prior to the bath. When you are ready, undress your little one, (lifting up baby is good exercise for those pectorals). Then slip your newborn into the tub using one hand to support the neck and head.

2. At all times, keep one hand on baby and use the other hand to wash. With a washcloth and a mild cleanser, soap your newborn from top to bottom and from front to back. Make sure you go over all folds and crevices. The diaper area should be washed next. Then it's time to shampoo the hair. Don’t forget to make the bathing experience relaxing and enjoyable for you and your baby. You may not be a Pavarotti but your little bundle of joy will love the attention just the same.

3. After rinsing, wrap your baby in a hooded towel. Dry all areas including the nooks and crannies. Then it's time to moisturize your newborn with a baby lotion to keep skin soft and supple.

4. Re-diaper baby and slip on a pair of pajamas. Comb hair and swaddle your newborn in a fresh receiving blanket.

Baby safety is essential, so it is important never to leave your child alone during bath time.