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Sometimes we don't always think of the more serious things that could harm our children. Here are a few of the obvious and a few you really have to do.

Every electrical socket should be covered with outlet covers. They're really hard to pull out so little inquisitive fingers won't get electrocuted.

Loose string, wire, twine, rubber bands or other elastic materials should be stored out of reach of children.

Poison and household cleaners should be stored in a high cabinet. If you don't have any, definitely get cabinet locks. Cabinet locks are a must have anyway. This will keep you from going crazy trying to keep little children from exploring your unsafe lower cabinets.

All mini blind cords should be tied up really high so that it is impossible for children to reach them. Also, keep window hangings away from cribs or play pens.

It is a VERY good idea to you have your carpet steam cleaned before your child is born, but definitely before they begin to crawl. Also, if you have ever had your home sprayed for insects you need to clean your carpets. Those chemicals can linger in carpet fiber for years. And, just for the simple reason that you just don't know what could be in your carpet. Especially if there were previous owners.

If you can possibly part with them, coffee tables and end tables with sharp corners should be stored away until your child masters walking. If not, you could wind up with some serious cuts and bruises.

Also, any small or breakable knick-knacks should be stored away until such time that your child is able to understand that he/she is not to touch them.

As well, if your carpet is old and worn, make sure the edges are trimmed and no sharp pointy pieces are sticking up. This can really hurt a child.

Make sure you never have heavy objects sitting were a child can reach them and pull them on top of themselves.

Always cook on the back burner of your stove. A child can pull a pan of bubbling water or oil on top of themselves causing serious injuries and possible death.

There are so many things that you need to do to prepare for a child. It seems like a lot of trouble and changes, but if you love your child and care about their well-being it won't be hard at all.