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AREOLA: the darker area surrounding the nipple

BREAST ABSCESS: swollen inflamed area of the breast in which pus collects

COLOSTRUM: the nutrient rich fluid in the breasts before breast milk comes in

ENGORGEMENT: a condition in which the breasts become overly full of milk causing them to appear shiny and hard

INVERTED NIPPLES: nipples that are drawn inward causing difficulty for the baby when trying to grasp the areola properly

LACTATION CONSULTANT: a specialist in breastfeeding who can assess problems and assist mothers in proper positioning and attachment

LA LECHE LEAGUE: an organization whose goal is to provide support and information about breastfeeding

LATCH-ON: how the baby attaches to the nipple and areola

LET-DOWN REFLEX: a reflex causing the milk to flow down the breast to the nipple from where it is created and stored

MASTITIS: an infection of the breast

MILK DUCTS: tubes in the breast through which milk flows

OXYTOCIN: a hormone which stimulates milk flow and causes the uterus to contract

POSITIONING: the way an infant is held while breastfeeding causing him or her to latch-on in a specific way

PUMPING: the way in which milk is expressed from the breast either manually or with a breast pump

ROOTING REFLEX: a reflex newborns have which causes them to turn toward the breast and open their mouths

THRUSH: a yeast infection in the breast called Candida albicans which can be passed to the baby in the breast milk