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When a parent buys a bike for a child, one of the biggest fears is that the child will be injured. If your child uses the bike with any kind of regularity, inevitably the accident will happen. He'll fall off his bike, it will tip over, or he'll run into a tree. You need to be prepared for these accidents and have the proper first aid equipment on hand. In addition, there is quite a bit of safety equipment for bicycles on the market. Here is a list of some of them, what they are, and what they do.

• Chain guard. This is a basic piece of equipment that protects your child's legs from the exposed chain. The chain guard will keep your child's ankle or lower leg from being skinned if it would happen to bump the chain area while riding.
• Coaster brake. This brake allows your child to brake but still coast along. It protects your child from immediate and drastic stops that can happen if he hits the brakes too quickly or by accident.
• Bell or horn. This can be used for several reasons. It can be used to signal people in front of the child that he's coming so they'll get out of the way and can be used to notify someone for any other pertinent reason.
• Reflectors. You'll want to put reflectors on as many parts of the bike as possible. They can go on the front of the bike, the rear, sides, and on the pedals. Reflectors come in handy when the bike is ridden at night in traffic, so motorists can more effectively see the cyclist.
• Safety flag. If you get a bright orange safety flag on a small pole, you'll alert people all around that there is a traveler on a bike. The flag attaches to the bike and serves as notification for everyone in the area.
• Lights. You can get a white light for the front of the bike and a red light for the rear of the bike for your cyclist to use at night to alert people that there is a bicycle on the road.
• Helmets and protective clothing gear. Helmets are an essential part to safe cycling. Other protective gear on the market includes clips for pant legs so they don't get caught in the chain, elbow and knee pads. Wearing brightly colored clothing is also a good idea.