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There's nothing complex about riding a bike safely. But if you don't know some simple techniques you can find yourself in a bad situation. Here are some safety tips for bike riders.

• Obey all traffic signals. Bicycles are obligated to follow all traffic rules of the road, the same ones that cars should follow.
• Ride on the right side of the road and on the right side of traffic. Always stay to the right. That way motorists can see you and easily pass you from behind and you avoid problems with head-on traffic.
• Stop at all stop signs and before you enter a road. Before you even get onto a road, stop and check for traffic. Let the traffic go first before you venture out onto the road.
• Be alert and watch for stopped cars. If there are cars parked alongside the street, be aware and prepared for anything. Watch out for kids who may pop out in front of those cars, and for car doors whose passengers may open without noticing you there.
• One person to a bike. Never ride with two people on a bike unless, of course, it's a tandem bicycle. A bike is only built for one person and having someone riding on the handle bars or on the rear of the bike can be incredibly dangerous for everyone involved.
• Young children should not ride their bikes at night. If you have young children, make sure they ride only during the day. Young children, no matter how bright, may not know all the rules to the road or may be more adventuresome than is safe.
• Make sure you have lights on your bike if you have to ride it at night. Having a white light on the front of your bike and a red light on the back are essential to let traffic know that you are there and on a bike.
• Always wear a helmet. A proper-fitting helmet is essential, especially for young children. You don't know when an accident might occur and you want your child to be protected thoroughly.
• Wear protective gear. Wear knee and elbow pads and brightly colored clothing when riding. If you have to instantly fall off your bike, your instincts are to catch yourself on the ground with either your elbows or your knees. Having these body parts protected is essential to stay healthy.
* When mountain biking, be sure you're familiar with the hill or area you're biking. Being unaware of trails can be dangerous. If that is the case, you should bike slowly and cautiously to avoid unexpectedly sharp turns and bumps.
* When mountain biking in a wooded area, be sure to wear proper protective clothing. If you are wearing shorts, wear proper bug repellent to prevent unneeded bites.