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Colic in infants is characterized by bouts of inconsolable crying that lasts for long periods of time. This crying can go on for hours, and there seems to be nothing that will soothe the baby. Parents with colicky babies feel hopeless and often blame themselves when they don't know how to help their baby. Many times there is no real explanation as to why the baby is suffering with colic. It generally doesn't occur with babies over the age of four months.

There are some things you can try if your baby is suffering from colic. First, be sure your baby does not have a fever. This could be an indication of another problem. If your baby seems to have an excessive amount of gas, lay the baby on his back and move his legs in a bicycle motion. This may help to relieve the gas. Another thing you might try is a warm water bottle against the baby's abdomen. Make sure the water is not hot, and place the water bottle against the baby's stomach using light pressure. This may help relieve the discomfort caused by gas.

If your baby seems to suffer from colic often, and your baby is formula fed, you may want to consider changing to a soy formula. Check with your doctor, and see if he thinks this may help the problem. Breast feeding moms need to take note of what they are eating when their baby suffers an attack of colic. Foods that are spicy, cause gas, or are rich, you may want to avoid. Whatever you eat is passed along to your baby in your breast milk.

Keep in mind that your baby will outgrow these bouts of colic. If your baby is inconsolable and you have tried everything, it's okay to let him cry by himself for a while. It's better to walk away than to get upset. If an attack of colic lasts for more than four hours you should call your doctor, and have your baby checked to rule out other problems.