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Children who love reading don't just happen by accident. They are raised to love it. Their parents bred it into them from early on. Children don't just pick up books and adopt the habit. Without some sort of parental leadership, many children will pass up this very exciting and educational experience.

There are many ways parents can raise a reader:

* Begin reading to children when they are babies, or even before they are born. They can hear you and will love the singsong of your voice.

* Make sure to read to children each night before bed. This helps them grow accustomed to the exciting world within books.

* Take weekly visits to the local library so they can immerse themselves in the world of books and sign them up for reading programs that challenge them to reading certain amounts of books.

* Turn the closed captioning feature on the television so that children can read along with their favorite shows.

* Have family write letters for children to read. Children like receiving their own mail and enjoy getting to read it themselves.

* Let children engage in role-playing video games that allow them to read what characters say.

With these and many more ways, parents can help children grow to love reading anything and everything. Children who enjoy reading do better in school and in life in general. The only child who won't enjoy reading will be the one who wasn't raised as a reader.