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Kids love fire because the heat and light are major attractions for them. To this day, even adults love firecrackers and fireworks.

Parents try to control playing with fire by expressively forbidding it. This makes it worse as children are even more ignited by the mystery and curiosity of fire. To solve this problem, it's better to let them try " playing with fire " out in the open with the parents. When fire becomes a normalized thing for them, their curiosity is satisfied. They won't engage in forbidden fire play.

Teach your child how to light and hold a matchstick. Let him experience the heat and danger of getting burned. They will understand better and appreciate why parents forbid fire play.

Give opportunities to play with fire under the supervision of adults. Let them help at barbecues, grills or lighting candles. Familiarity breeds contempt. They'll bore themselves.

The curiosity for fire will usually end when the child starts science experiments at school. They will get plenty of opportunities to light burners to heat up solutions for chemistry experiments. They will learn about the parts of a flame and how combustion occurs. In much the same way, their curiosity for fire will slowly extinguish when they learn how to extinguish real flames.

This is the time when the kids can be trusted to be home alone with boxes of matches within reach. The chances of them starting a fire are very slim. Given that they can watch a flame safely at the stove, most children will not incur the mess of using foul smelling matchsticks. They may even fear damaging furniture or household equipment and incurring the wrath of their parents.

Mothers can satisfy curiosity for fire by inviting the kids to partake in food preparation and cooking. For children who are old enough to help, they can do so with adult supervision. For younger kids, they can watch while mum does the actual cooking. Soon, they'll get bored and fires will not hold the same fascination for them anymore.

Another method is to instill no curiosity for fire by simply not exposing the child to fire. Avoid smoking in front of kids. Extinguish cigarettes and discard them immediately. Hide matchboxes and lighters. Install a safety fence to bar young children away from the kitchen. Keep flammable liquids out of children's reach. Don't leave your cooking unattended.

The best medicine may not be preventive medicine. Sometimes, the child needs to suffer a scorch to appreciate the dangers of fire.