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When children reach a certain age, they either like to write or they don't. Those that enjoy it write story after story, poem after poem. Those who don't fight the school assignments they have on essays. Nothing has to be done to get children who love to write to do so, but if a child doesn't like it, a battle could ensue.

So how can one encourage a child to write? Many fun activities will help spark their interest. Here are a few to choose from.

* Writing as a family. Families that can gather together to write a story will find not only how much fun it can be but that more minds are better than one. Together, a family can create wonderful stories. Each family member writes a part and in the end, they've created a memory to last forever. Children are thrilled to know they helped write a piece of family history.

* Many children who don't like to write will still enjoy keeping a daily journal. Each day, parents can encourage them to write something, anything, in their journal and remind them of how much fun they'll have when they read it in the future. This daily activity can help them learn to enjoy the craft more and more each time.

* Family trees. Children can help with the family tree by writing what they know about certain family members for a memoir to go with the tree. This is always fun and exciting for all members of the family.

* Letter writing is a great way to get children writing regularly. They can write letters to family, friends, or even a pen-pal. In fact, children may enjoy having a pen-pal the most and may be more creative in their writing if this is someone who doesn't already know all about them and their life.

* Children like to put on shows for parents. But too often, they really don't know what to act out. Encouraging children to actually take time to write a play will excite them and get them writing at the same time.

Let children see you write. Just as they may read more if they see parents read, they may like to write more if this is something that parents also enjoy. Even if they just see their parents writing letters, they will get the idea that this is enjoyable.

Always offer praise no matter what the child's writing effort turns out. Never talk down about their work or they may stop trying all together.

There are many more ways parents can continue to encourage writing and it is important to always keep at it and never give up. They may not come around to begin with but eventually, in one way or another, they will pick up a love for writing something.