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When preparing for the SAT scholastic assessment test, students tend to focus on large amounts of studying and other preparation techniques to bolster their knowledge for the exam. However, few students acknowledge that even the sharpest minds can falter on the SATs if they do not
perform well under the test’s three hour time limit. Here are a few simple techniques to consider that may just save you the precious time you need to score well on your SATs.

· During the multiple-choice sections you should always read the answers first. Students comprehend multiple-choice questions better once they have an idea of the possible answers. This can save you from having to
re-read the question multiple times, and just wasting time. Secondly, some math questions can be completed much easier by simply plugging in the multiple choice answers and seeing which one adds up. The key here is get your answers down without spending too much time digesting the
· When you do arrive at an answer for a multiple-choice question don’t fill in the answer on your bubble sheet right away. Simply write the answer down next to the question in the booklet. Though it seems trivial, many students actually waste a lot of time switching back and
forth between their booklet and their answer sheet. Wait until you are finished with the test and fill in your answer sheet all at once. This also allows you to stay more focused as you move on to the next question.
· Finally, the most common advice to raise your SAT score is to answer as many questions as possible. If you can eliminate even one or two possible answers on a question, the odds of guessing correctly increase dramatically. The only questions you should leave blank are those that
you do not have any clue how to approach.