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The Sat is biased. It discriminates against women and minorities. This is not a personal opinion, it is a fact. This test destroys an already unequal playing field for minorities.

What does the SAT test? Ironically this all-important test used by colleges for admission measures one thing- how well you take the SAT. The College Board (the makers of the test) claims the test measures how well a student will do in his first year of college. This claim has been refuted by several testing services.

According to the National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest) "SAT bias will illegally cheat thousands of young women out of college admissions and scholarship aid they have earned by superior classroom performance." This test will cost women millions in financial aid and thousands of acceptances to upper tier schools.

But minorities have it worse. One careful academic study compared two admissions strategies. One group used high school records and the other group used high school records and SAT scores. More than 90% of the admissions decisions were the same under both strategies. However, the SAT-based strategy led to a far greater number of rejections of otherwise academically qualified minority and low-income applicants.

The independent testing company Fair Test believes that this will lead to African American, Latino, and other minority test-takers to score significantly lower than white students. Rigid use of SATs for admissions will produce freshman classes with very few minorities and with no appreciable gain in academic quality. The SAT is very effective at eliminating academically promising minority (and low-income) students who apply to universities with strong academic records but relatively low SAT scores.

So it appears that most college applicants are being held back by a biased test that examines nothing. The SAT’s time has passed. A new test deigned to more accurately measure a student’s success in university should be designed. Without it innocent women and minorities will continue to suffer.