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There is nothing that better prepares your child for the world then reading. Whether you read to your infant or toddler, or encourage your pre-teen to read, a lifelong love of reading can be fostered in children. Here are some tips to help your children learn to love books.

-- It is never too early to start reading to your kids. Try a picture book for your toddler. Just the sensation of sitting on your lap, turning the pages, will acquaint them to books.

-- With young children, try and set aside a special time each day or night to read to them. Make this a cozy time, like before bed, that they can look forward to.

-- Let your children choose the book they'd like to hear. This gives them a sense of control.

-- Don't be too concerned if your child want to heat the same book over and over again. This is common in young children. It is more important to just establish the routine of reading.

--Take your kids to the library and let them sign up for their own library card as soon as they are eligible.

-- Some libraries and bookstores have family storytimes for young readers. Encourage your children to attend and participate.

-- Point out characters and exciting stories in books... show your kids that the only "magic" doesn't have to always come from tv characters.

-- If your child shows an interest in a certian subject, say ballet or horses, encourage their interest by finding books for them on that subject.

--Start your own reading club. For every 10 books they read or you read to them, let them have a sticker, or some small reward. Many libraries also have reading clubs for small children.

--Encourage your older children to read by buying them books as gifts and really working to find titles they might be interested in.

--Show them all the popular movies that originated as books, and then let them read those books.

--Tell friends and relatives to buy them books as birthday and holiday presents.

--Don't pressure them to read, this will only cause them to rebel. But, instead show them all the great things that reading has to offer. It is the greatest gift you can give your children.