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When it comes to helping your child with their homework there is a fine line between helping and doing it yourself. To ensure that they complete the work themselves make sure you:

*Encourage them to think for themselves. If they really get stuck help them along don’t tell them the answer.
*Make it fun for them. If it seems a chore they won’t be interested at all.
*Don’t leave them to it. Make sure you are nearby so they can call on you.

Helping your child to help themselves will not only make them see that they need to stand on their own two feet, but also will make them see that they can do it when they succeed.

Help your child (without giving them the answers) by:

*Having a set time for homework maybe straight after school or in the evening for an hour or so. If they fail to do this then make them do the work at the weekend this will make them do it during the week in future.
*Encourage them to do the work as it is set. Avoid last minutes rushing.
*If they know a project is going to take some time do a little every day until it is finished.
*If they still have work to do, don’t allow them out to play.

Your child’s environment when completing their homework is of great importance.

Ensure that all stereos, televisions, phones are turned off. General noise should be kept to a minimum.
*Open windows and get some air into the child’s room if its cold make sure that the heating is on. Nobody can work or concentrate when they are either too cold or too hot.
*Make sure that the child has all the relevant stationary, books and work before he begins. Interrupted concentration will get them nowhere, and will only distract them.
*Ensure their siblings are busy or ask them not to distract the worker.
*Make it a routine. Try to ask callers not to ring between ‘the homework hours’.
Remember to tell an unwilling child: The sooner you finish your homework, the sooner you can go out.