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Some studies have shown that girls may be at a disadvantage in some mixed-sex schools. Teachers tend to give more attention to vocal boys, leaving girls and shy boys at a disadvantage: they then feel self-conscious about speaking out and being more active in school.
When you're deciding whether to enroll your daughter in a same-sex school, there are a lot of factors to consider, from the educational level they'll be able to achieve to achieving proper social skills. You should sit down with some experts on both same-sex and mixed-sex schools, so you can make an informed decision.
Most all-girl schools are private schools. This causes problems when evaluating whether same-sex schools provide more effective learning environments for kids, because traditionally private schools produce children who perform at a more advanced academic level than kids who attend public schools. But many girls who have experienced both types of education say at same-sex schools they feel more uninhibited. They feel they can participate at a greater level without having to compete with boys. There is no stigma attached to certain subjects that teachers may have preconceived notions that boys will do better at than girls will. Girls also report that at all-girls schools they don't have to worry as much about how they look. They aren't always trying to impress boys, and thus, can put less emphasis on material things and more emphasis on their education.
You need to consider what type of student your daughter is. If she doesn't appear to have any kind of inferiority issues with boys in her classroom, perhaps a same-sex school won't make much of a difference. You might want to visit with her teachers who know her best in order to figure out where she stands–and how she performs–in the classroom, before you make a decision.