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Goals 2000 is the federal education program established by President Clinton and was approved by Congress back in 1994. It established a National Educational Standards and Improvement Council to certify standards developed by educational associations. These programs were funded by the Department of Education in an effort to have increase the educational level of American children.

The goal is for all states to establish standardized tests that students must pass in order to graduate and advance from the 4th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grades. The standards require students to reach a certain level of math, science, writing, and a mastery of the language. In addition, federal standards require students to achieve a certain level of analytical decision making, by choosing which answers are better than others.

Each state has different standards which your children must achieve. That's how the U.S. education system has always been arranged. But recently with these new federal standards, many states are going toward a more organized and fixed set of standards. The curriculum is available to parents by the federal government. The main areas of achievement students are now expected to learn include studies in the arts, civics, English, foreign languages, geography, history, math and science. Here's a listing of where you can get information about federal curricular standards established by the federal government in each area.

• Arts. Contact the National Standards for Arts Education. 800-828-0229
• Civics. Contact the National Standards for Civics and Government. 800-350-4223
• English. Contact the Standards for English and Language Education. 800-369-6283
• Foreign Language. Contact the National Standards in Foreign Language Education. 914-963-8830
• Geography. Contact the Geography for Life: National Standards. 800-368-2728
• History. Contact the National Standards for United States History. 310-824-4702
• Math. Contact the Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics. 703-620-9840
• Science. Contact the National Science Education Standards. 202-334-1399.