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Here is a list of some of the best board games:

Boggle Master: A more challenging version of the original boggle. This is the best word game for large groups. Whoever comes up with the greatest number of words wins.

Yahtzee: A classic game of knowing when to stop trying to improve your score.

Shogi: Unlike chess, draws are virtually impossible, there is also a handicap system that allows experience players and novices to play exciting games with one another

Cosmic Encounter: Fast-paced, funny game suitable for family and last about 90 minutes.

Clue: The well-know murder-mystery game.

Scrabble: The ultimate world game. This is a subtly complex game and that rewards both knowledge of words and strategic thought.

Trivial Pursuit: This game is easy to learn and can be played by many different numbers of people. Supplements to the original 6,000 questions are introduced periodically, to keep the game lively and fresh.

Blockhead: One of the few games that can be played almost equally well by adults and children. It test dexterity, coordination and judgment.

Diplomacy: Players make and break treaties in an attempt to conquer Europe on the Eve of World War I.

Civilization: Each player tries to forge a primitive nomadic tribe into the most advanced civilization on earth. Along the way, decisions concerning philosophy, science and other hallmarks of civilization make the difference between success and failure. This game requires six or seven players and can last up to ten hours of playing.

Checkers: This game is played by two people on a checkered board. The board is devided into sixty four square spaces colored alternatively black and red or any other color. The object of this game is to clear the board or to block the opponent's checkers so that they cannot be moved. If a player cannot move, that player loses the game.

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. Really a board game without a board-there's no dice-rolling and no tokens to move about.