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Charter schools are schools that are separate from the public school system, even though they are technically charter schools. Charter schools, however, maintain their own budgets, personnel and curriculum. They have their own standards by which they hold their students and generally are centered around a certain theme.

Different charter schools can be for music education, learning a second language, or learning a particular field. They are different from other public schools in the sense that teachers and parents have more say in what their kids are learning. In traditional public schools, teachers and parents must abide by rules established by a school board, but in charter schools, parents and teachers have more of a say in how money is spent and what children are taught. This often involves parents more in a child's education, because parents might decide that they'd rather spend their money on new band equipment rather than on a cooking staff. Parents might then volunteer their time as cooks in order to compensate for the money.

There are several things you need to consider before signing your child up for a charter school education. First, do you believe in the direction the charter school is headed? Does your child have an interest in the main theme of the school? If your child boasts a particular and outstanding interest in music and the theme of the school is to further the music education of students in the community, then perhaps the charter may be a good idea. It will allow your child to further his interest and better prepare him for a possible career in music. Another consideration is a curriculum one. Do you agree with the majority of the curriculum versus the curriculum of your other public school options? Which do you like best? Also, how active do you want to get with your child's education? Many parents like to leave the academic education of their children to those who know how to do it best. But if you think you want to take a pro-active role in your child's education, you should certainly give enrollment into a charter school some serious thought.