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No, not all children are born with a high IQ, but many children have a specific gift. Nearly everyone has a talent. Many people are not aware that public schools now have gifted programs for many gifted children in other areas.

Yes, schools test for the normal areas of science, math, written expression, spelling, and verbal expression. Some of the newer areas that tests can be requested in are in the areas of art, music, dance, and other more right-brained or kinesthetic talents.

Since this is new to many local school districts, many times a parent must initiate the first step in recognizing their child's abilities. In many cases, the parent must request testing in a specific area. The school psychologist is able to perform tests to determine giftedness in nearly every area.

You may be asking yourself this question; How do I know if my child has a gift or talent? Answer these questions:

1. How old was your child when they began talking?

If the answer is between five and ten months, your child may be gifted.

2. How old was your child when they used complete sentences?

If the answer is between the ages of eleven and sixteen months, your child may be gifted.

3. At what age did your child first draw recognizable pictures?

If the age is between twenty and twenty-six months, your child may be gifted.

4. Has your child ever won an art, dance, or music contest?

If so, your child could be gifted.

5. At what age was your child able to write his or her own name?

This one is a little more difficult to determine, depending on the difficulty of the name. The age here varies, but your child may be gifted if it was before two or three years of age.

These next questions will help you to pinpoint what their gifted area may be.

1. What is your child's favorite activity?

2. Are they particularly good at this activity?

3. Is there one activity that your child does for hours? If so, what is it?

4. Does the child ask for tools to help with this activity?

5. Have they received praise from teachers or awards for achievements in this activity?

If the answer to these questions is multiple for any one given thing, your child may be gifted in that specific area. Start watching your child for signs of his or her gift. Many adults find out so late in life where their talent lies. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know at a very young age? Think of the possibilities!