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By using several identical posters and some styrofoam, children can create a three-dimensional effect they can hang on their wall. This is a good rainy day craft project that is safe and inexpensive.
Try these 7 ways to comfort and calm a fussy baby.
A checklist of information to leave for your babysitter to guarantee a safe evening out for everyone.
When you are told after birth that your baby has Down syndrome here are the things you can do to accept it.
Activities for toddlers: how to use different types of play to develop social, mental, physical and emotional aspects of children.
My experience as a summer camp counselor at a camp for chidren with ADD or ADHD. Stories from some counselors and campers themselves.
Anger management for parents: Handling parental anger in a positive way can avoid creating bad relationships between a parent and child, and prevent damaging a child’s self-esteem.
Attachment Parenting (AP) is a philosophy and practice that encourages respectful, empathic, and gentle techniques to meet a child's needs.
Several children are now being diagnosed with Attention deficit disorder and many people have not a clue what it is. Learn what ADD is and what some signs to look for are.
Temper tantrums are a normal part of childhood. Although some are necessary, many can be prevented with a little forethought on the parent's part.
How do you give your newborn a bath? It's simple. For new moms and dads, just follow the advice and you will be a pro in no time.
Pick up some tips on how to stimulate your baby mentally, physically and emotionally to encouarge his / her development.
The signs of teething in your baby and what you can do to help.
Baby-sitting is difficult. Theses activities should help with some ideas and keep you from forcing the children to watch another video or television show.
Babysitting tip: What you should know when babysitting. What every babysitter should know.
Discover the up's and down's of being the youngest born child in the family. There are many good aspects and many bad ones as well.
5 of the best lullaby music tapes to help your baby relax and fall asleep.
How does birth order affect your family? Learn the exceptions to the rules, and how parenting siblings slightly differently according to rules of oldest, middle, youngest, or only can help.
What you want to know about books , interesting books . From Comics to Thriller ,reviews of Stephen King's It and much more.
A guide to weaning your child from the breast or bottle as simply and painlessly as possible.
How to build self esteem in a child that will last a lifetime.
Learn how to build self-esteem in your children. Kids are not born with self-esteem; it is your job as parents to increase their sense of self-worth.
How to buy clothes for your children without going broke. Gives ideas of where and when to shop.
Is your child crying? Upset? Acting out? Angry? Try these 3 quick comfort measures to calm a child of any age.
How to care for a child's baby teeth and why they are very important.
Chicken Pox treatment tips on how you and your child can deal with them.
Child abuse prevention information and advice. Abuse can take many forms, physical, sexual, and mental, and all are difficult to understand and overcome.
Child birth preparation: checklist of what you need to remember to bring to the hospital when you go into labor. List for mom, partner and baby.
Child care must be hands on, at the childs level. During developement from birth to age five, direct interaction with the child on the floor, learning from them who they are is critical for their growth and bonding.
This child discipline article offers clear & concise tips. Find out how to use discipline techniques to make your child think harder than you and learn more from it.
Child internet safety:does your children spend a lot of time online? Are you worried about what they might come across? Here are a few ways to control what they view.
Child nightmares don't have to be a parent's bad dream. Using creative problem solving combined with understanding, parents can banish monsters from the bedroom.
When we stay with little people we have to see the world through their eyes. The things that we find ordinary can be fascinating for them.
Home kitchens contain many sharp objects and electrical appliances that may endanger a child's safety. Here are some tips on how to make your kitchen child-proof and accident-free while preparing food around small children.
Some considerations that enter into the calculation of child support.
Childbirth delivery is wonderful, but also complex. This article tells expecting parents how to get through labor and childbirth making good decisions with confidence.
How to childproof your home to keep your children safe.
This article looks into the issue of television violence in order to determine its effect on our children.
A discussion of the effects of working mothers on children.
Plan children's birthday parties and stay within a budget. Money-saving party ideas that don't detract from all the fun.
How to plan creative children's birthday parties.
CHildren's books arren't just for children. Thousands of grown-ups have a secret--they're raiding their kids bookshelves for a good read. Why? Reliving childhood memories, or appreciating good literature, no matter the form.
A brief discussion of the ways in which behavioral messages are demonstrated by the clothing we choose for our children and the importance of parental consideration of these messages.
If you are a person who would like to personalize your party favors by making them yourself, here are some inexpensive and simple ideas.
Children's playground equipment like swingsets and jungle gyms should be as safe as possible. Whether you are building or buying,adhering to these safety standards will help prevent needless injuries.
Here are some tips for ensuring that you get the proper fit on your children's shoes.
Choosing a child care provider can be difficult. This guide shows you which questions to ask in your interview, and signs to watch for when you visit that signal this is a quality child care facility.
Every parent wants to send their kids to sommer camp, but they have to investigate the camp, to find out if it is safe and appropriate for the child.
Is you preschool child ready to help out with the family chores? Find out when to get the child involved, and how to make them do the work with a minimum of fuss.
Students with ADD/ADHD require more time and attention to stay on-task and focused. A reinforcement schedule of tangible rewards often help this challenge.
Cloth diapers vs disposable diapers. The benefits and negatives of using both. Which is better for your baby and you?
Colic baby cure! How to help your colicky baby calm down and ways for parents deal with it.
Collecting child support and what avenues are available to custodial parents for collecting child support. A brief discussion on the pro's and con's of collection.
Why does your baby cry? Find out what you can do to comfort her tears.
Conflict resolution for children is a preventative for school and domestic violence. This article provides simple yet effective ways in which to teach these skills.
What are the best ways to teach your kids to cook? What techniques should you use?
Cooking with kids: bringing kids into the kitchen is fun, educational and boosts self esteem. Children learn fractions, measurement and cooperation while cooking and baking.
Learn cool grandparenting tips: keeping in touch with current trends means keeping in touch with your out of touch grandchildren.
Coping with a Bully: Here's some good advice about how to deal with bullies.
How to treat diaper rash, reduce, heal and prevent the rash from re-occurring.
A great craft idea for kids! Spice up the month of February with this magnetic fun foam heart shapes calender. This is a great gift for a sweetheart!
Provide simple, creative fun outlets for your children during the hot summer months!
It is a chore getting kids to write thank you notes for gifts. Here are suggestions that will making writing the notes more fun.
Day care information: Is America producing children who are void of individuality due to assembly line upbringing in Daycare?
Bedtime is a struggle when children fear monsters in their bedroom. Learn to put your child's fears to rest and get a good night sleep.
Learn the basic steps to dealing with sibling rivalry between your children. End the stress of parenting and help your children to better understand eachother.
Dealing with the death of a parent is difficult. I would like to offer resolutions to those who, like myself may have trouble dealing with the death of a parent.
Decorating the baby nursery involves choices a budgeting parent has when choosing decorations, from bedding to wallpaper, for their baby's nursery theme.
What are the signs and symptoms of depression in children and how to treat them.
Prevention and cure of diaper rash.
Learn how to discipline toddlers. Time out alternatives that don't involve corporal punishment. How to encourage your child to follow rules.
Tips on disciplining a child with ADD and ADHD. Learn the difference between non-compliant behavior and ADD behavior!
Anyone with kids can tell you how hard it is to keep their inquisitive minds occupied. Getting kids interested in crafts is simple and the crafts they make will be great gifts or keepsakes.
Buying educational toys for infants can get expensive and time-consuming. If you know what you need beforehand, it can be made a lot simpler.
Discipline of children, what it is, how it works, suggestions for effective age appropriate discipline.
Effective potty training! A potty training how-to for parents attempting to switch children from diapers to the underpants.
How to enjoy grandparenting when you are a primary caregiver by recognizing your strengths and seizing the opportunities to learn and have fun.
Recognizing Anger, it's consequences and what we can do to manage anger and have harmonious relationships within the family.
An experience of being a foster parent and the feelings and emotions that go along with it.
Easy fun foam name tags for kids can be made for holidays or any occasion. Kids love these and love seeing their names on them.
Kids out of school? Here are some fun summertime activities to do with your kids.
The funny things kids say and what we learn from them.
Ways to develop positive habits to help your baby (and you!) get a better nights sleep.
Some wonderful gift ideas for children that are easy to make at home.
A mother's experience in explaining the death of her daughter to her 2 year old son, and the lessons learned from that.
It is the responsibility of adults to foster good emotional health in their children. Issues of trust, competency, self-image and integrity are addressed here.
How to pass clothes down with out the fights and arguments from children who don't want to wear hand me downs.
Fun things you can do with your child that is free or low cost that will keep you in the budget you have developed.
Is your child scared of dogs? Here are a few suggestions to help your child feel more comfortable with pets.
Tips on cool items for preschoolers' Show and Tell presentations, and ways to get your child ready to talk about the items
How adults can help children learn to deal appropriately with their emotions as they face loss and death. Learn how to assist your children in the grieving process.
How should you help your child learn? What are some things you can do to enrich your child's education? What kinds of things should you consider?
Helping kids adjust to a family move with a minimum of trauma
Help your baby sleep through the night. Various proven methods of getting your baby into their own bed and keeping them there all night.
Make fresh homemade baby food at home. Save money and give your infant healthier food.
Homemade baby wipes are gentle, time saving, and money saving. They make great gifts and the recipe can be adapted for other purposes.
Housetraining puppy is easier with this comprehensive modern guide - understand how and why dogs learn.
Great ideas for making chore time easier on you and your children. Simple ideas on how make chores more fun so children will do them. Also a new idea about allowance.
How to tell when your child is lying and how to make them stop. Creative ways of getting your children to tell the truth.
What kinds of things do you need to do in order to encourage your toddler to speak?
It is essential that parenting skills include nurturing a child's self confidence. Confidence leads to better behavior and decision making.
Lean to diaper your newborn! You will be a pro in no time by following this step-by-step guide. Just make sure you have all your supplies handy before you diaper your baby.
Not sure how to discipline your child? You need a proper balance between discipline and love. Find out the difference between discipline and punishment.
A humorous observation of an untrained five year old's table manners, written from the child's perspective
How to get the most for your childrens clothing at a resale shop.
Have a shy child? Find out how you can help.
Shy children and shy adults are less successful and less satisfied with their lives in general. Helping a child overcome shyness at an early age prepares them for a more satisfying life.
What to look for when interviewing a caregiver for your children.
Learn how to make bedtime easier for you and your children. Developing a naptime & bedtime routine for your children will ensure Mr. Sandman's early visit with a sack of pleasant dreams.
An overview of how to prepare your child for his or her first summer camp experience, as well as relieve the separation anxiety for both of you!
How to raise socially conscious children: methods to teach kids how to be charitable and thankful for how fortunate they are.
How can you tell if your child is hacking while online? Does your child spend allot of time online? Here are the signs.
Parents often videotape their child's performance in a play, but the results are sometimes difficult to watch. Professional results can be achieved with only one videocamera and some editing.
How-to purchase childrens shoes to get the best fit and value for your money.
Why do children create imaginary friends? Learn some reasons here.
These birthday party games do not make a huge mess and can BE the party. Not the regular pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey games.
Inexpensive, birthday party gifts for children. How-to find them and what to buy.
10 Ways to keep kids entertained that don't cost much money, indoor and outdoor activities, educational and non-educational but all fun.
For proper infant bonding its important for parents to constantly communicate with their infant.
An infant with colic cries for no apparent reason. Pick up some tips on how to soothe babies with colic.
Overcoming infant constipation by making modifications in his/her diet and massaging etc.
What are the symptoms of infant diarrhea, how to cope with it, what precautions to take and how to stop the infection.
Information on sibling rivalry; what it is, why it exists, and pointers to parents to help teach kids to respect, and maybe even like, their siblings.
Of course you should expose your child to the wealth of information available on the Internet, but there also lurk many dangers on the Web to which parents must be vigilant.
This growing sport needs to treated like any other organized sport, and the parents participation is the key to safety.
How to tell if your infant is getting enough milk through nursing.
How to keep your kid's party safe by child-proofing your home, table settings, food, water safety & play safety to have an accident-free children's party.
Should you give your kids allowances? When should you start? How much is reasonable?
Kids at play need playmates- these tips help to assure your child a great playdate, whether at your house or a friends.
Kid's birthday ideas! Birthdays are important to children. Here's how to give your child a day to remember that will let them know how special they are.
Easy craft projects for entertaining kids on those hot summer or rainy days. These simple projects will provide lots of summer fun.
Do-it-yourself recipes and ideas for crafts to do with your kids. Inexpensive and easy recipes for paint, play dough, etc.
Kids jewelry craft: learn how to make button jewelry necklaces and bracelets, a project your kids will love.
Language acquisition in children: how do children learn to talk? What is the typical time frame during which children will begin talking?
Try sculpting bread into letters! A fun idea for children.
Although video games and other high-tech games may appeal to a modern child, simple toys still have a place in a child's intellectual and social development.
Use ordinary activity sheets and clear folders to make reuseable activity books for your children.
Here is how to make bedtime easier for your child and you. Learn how to get those kids in bed who are resistant to going to bed and how to keep kids in bed.
When planning children's parties make them fun but keep them safe. Many dangers can be overlooked if you don't think of safety first.
Fun and easy puppets for kids to make from inexpensive and found materials.
Six easy merit badges for a boy scout to earn to keep him occupied in activities that you approve of and are fun to do.
Moral development in children emerges at age six. Not all children have this inner voice. How do you make sure that yours does?
Learn about the most common childhood diseases. There are numerous symptoms of childhood disease that can confuse and frustrate a new parent.
Is your cute little fuzzy buddy terrorizing your kids? Here's why and how to put a stop to it.
Naming a baby's isn't easy: choose a suitable name for your child, and get some ideas.
How to help your children avoid negative peer pressure. What to do to help kids select the right sort of company. How to deal with their objections with your interference.
Instuctions for new parents to make the first few weeks at home much easier.
Contains suggestions for famliy fun with kids. Ideas for playing games with children, doing puzzles, and more.
Yes, you CAN potty train your child in one day! Follow these step-by-step instructions. No more diapers!
Kids today are too busy with computers and video games to do anything else. What about old fashioned fun? Here's a list of fun activities for kids.
Information for parents on how to help toddlers from the ages of 3-6 in their emotional development. How to teach language, social and moral skills.
Learn more about child parent attachment. Parents and infants seem to bond naturally. Why is this so?
Parents control kids… right? Well supposedly, however, did you know that kids can better control their parents? There are certain tricks that should be used, to convince them that your way is the best way.
Advice on summer parent visitation for children and parents.
Parents should be prepared with questions and ideas before they step into a conference with their child's teacher. Most conferences last just fifteen or twenty minutes, so preparation is key!
An informative guide for parents on how to best teach your child the difference between right and wrong.
Ways as parent to help our children learn by being positive role models.
A discussion, aimed at parents, about picky eaters and some solutions to the problem.
A fun pirate theme party idea, with a short story, for a birthday party for children aged between 3 and 5.
Children love theme parties, and planning one is fun for adults, as well. Here are some ideas for food, costumes, decorations, etc.
Positive reinforcement is the preferred form of discipline. Selective rewarding is a positive influence on the child's development.
Need potty training advice? Here's how you can make the change from diapers to potty a pressure free milestone for you and your child.
Some children fight every potty training attempt we make, while others are very interested in being potty trained. Here are some simple ideas and methods to make it easier on both you and your child.
Potty training for children doesn't have to be difficult. Learn tips from a mom and former daycare provider to make potty training easier for you and your child
Having a premature baby can be an unexpected and nerve racking experience. Follow these six essential steps to adjust to this new experience and give your child the very best care.
How to recycle throw away items into inexpensive learning toys for preschool children.
Learn to prevent your toddler's temper tantrums by using intelligent, loving, consistent and consistent methods of parenting.
This article describes the WWF type of pro wrestling that kids see on television and how it can make them act in school
Father and son relationships can be difficult. Here are some activities and communication methods for strengthening ties.
Putting baby to sleep and keeping them asleep isn't impossible. Discover the secrets of training your baby to get a good night's sleep, thus preventing sleep problems now and in later life.
Quality Time is.... Unselfish, Undivided, Unconditional Love for Him or Her.
Rainy day activities that cater to the entire family
Try these easy to assemble products in your home today. Your children will thank you for it!
Is is another of those long rainy days? Are your children going nuts? Here are some fun ideas to cure everyone's boredom! From crafts to counting games-you'll find it here!
Raising a child with boundaries can produce healthier, well adjusted children. Children actually crave limits and boundaries. What does it mean to set healthy boundaries with children?
Games to play at home to help your child improve their reading. Most require a minimum of equipment, and are inexpensive.
There are more single mothers than ever before. Here are some things you can do to raise a child successfully on your own.
Parents of ADHD children often search for methods that will work to provide a happy and healthy household. This article offers ideas to help the parent maintain a sound state of mental health.
School Bullying - no longer a playgroung nuisance, now a real threat to your life. Here's how to cope.
Sibling rivalry arises when siblings feel the need to compete with one another to gain the parents' favor.
Single parenting tips to help you keep your sanity.
These are just a few pointers and ideas to keep things running smoothly when you are playing host to a slumber party.
What are some of the worst traditional parent-child arguments? How can you solve the problems?
Pregnancy is a miraculous time of both joy and fear. It involves not only changes physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.
Advice for new stepparents. It's not easy stepping into the role of step-parent. Learn some vital skills from the experts that can help smooth the waters.
Finding the right stroller isn't easy, but it can be less of a hassle if you know what you're looking for.
How to discipline during the terrible twos so that your toddler will be calm and independent. The preschooler event called disequilibrium and how to handle it with conscious parenting.
Swimming pool safety tips: What kinds of things do you need to keep in mind when you and your family swims at your home swimming pool? What are some good rules to follow so that everyone remains safe?
Swimming safety tips to follow at the pools along with links for further information. Steps to an accident free summer of swimming with your children.
Taking a driving vacation with your infant is not easy. However, there are some ways to keep your baby happier on the road, which will have you feeling better, too.
How to take the best photographs of your children that are natural, spontaneous, and make wonderful snapshot memories.
Taking pictures of your children can be difficult, but with a little planning, you will have memories to last a lifetime.
Tandem nursing is nursing two or more babies or toddlers at the same time. A mother may have some concerns about tandem nursing, but the advantages well out weigh the disadvantages.
Children need the guidance of parents to teach them respect hands-on. Here's how.
Teaching responsibility to your children is a critical part of a parent child relationship. Being responsible is an attitude as well as a skill.
10 simple ways of teaching reading skills to children to improve your child's verbal comprehension at an early age.
Do you know how to tell if your teenager is depressed? Untreated teen depression can lead to suicide. Learn more about how to talk to your kids before it's too late.
Growing up with a terminally ill child requires patientce. This is my story of coping with a sister who had a fatal birth defect that affected her heart and her lungs.
The benefits of breast feeding are many. Learn the advantages for the child, the mother, and the society at large.
Because the bush baby's call sounds like the shouts of an excited child, British explorers gave it its English name. The longest recorded leap by a bush baby from one tree to another was 23 feet. Learn more.
Feeding your baby formula can be dangerous. The choice to breast feed can save your child's life!
Some advice on the role of the parent who has a child(ren) in sports.
When it comes to mealtime, feeding a toddler can be a battle ground. So what's a parent to do? The key is creativity.
Tips for stepparents on helping your stepchild feel at home.
Inexpensive toddler activities that will entertain your child and stimulate him while helping him learn and have fun.
Some ideas to ensure your toddler’s birthday party is fun and instructive for the kids, stress-free and inexpensive for you.
Tips for tiolet training your toddler in no time flat.
Training your toddler how to use the tiolet does not have to be a battle. In fact, it can be a rewarding experience for your child. Find out how.
Having your child's birthday party at home saves you a lot of money. Here are some great ideas to keep the kids having fun and the costs down.
Four tips for children's toy storage that will help you reduce cleaning time and clutter.
When should you introduce solid food to your child? Let her tell you when she ready.
Keeping your preschooler happy when circumstances cause delays
Suggestions and advice for parents when their children must fly alone.
Survival tips for parents taking children into the wilderness; preparing for that first family outdoors adventure.
Fun recreational activities to do with your kids in the fall and winter.