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Everyone gets into arguements. Some of them you can't prevent. They just randomly occur or you don't expect to see the person. Or sometimes you don't expect that the person has any beef with you. OK, those you pretty much walk into blind and the only thing you can do is to keep cool. However, sometimes you know they are coming, whether you agree to meet the person and talk or you know you are going to see them at work. Walking into a verbal confrontation is the same as going to war or battle. The key is ammunition and preparation.

Go over everything that you want to say to this person, because after most arguements or conversations that you didn't quite win there are always some things that you wish you remembered that probably would have given you the last word. Go through the conversation in your head and what you will start the conversation with and in what possible ways they could react or respond. Choose your words carefully. You don't want to change this from a calm verbal conversationn to a physical confrontation. Usually there is no need to be insulting. It is much more gratifying and intimidating when a person can keep completely calm and dominate a conversation without even raising their voice.

So remember to stay calm and always enter prepared into the conversation. The easiest way to win a conversation is to not raise your voice, walk away, or just give up.