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Every adult likely should have a written will, even though most American adults do not. If you don't have a will, when you die, your property and assets will be out of your hands. You will have no say, and the government then becomes in charge of your accounts. Your probate court will then determine who gets what, depending on what the law in your area states. But with a will, you have the opportunity to designate a particular friend or family member in charge of your estate, and that person will be in charge of how much taxes, assets and debts you have.
You have the right as an American to write a will. These wills typically include information about what specific property should be left in whose hands. This includes al money, accounts, real estate, and any other property you choose to bequest. In your will you will also determine a person who will inherit everything of yours not covered in the will. This person is usually the one who is closest to you, either a spouse or child. And, you can include more than one person in that category. In your will you can also designate a certain person as the one who should take care of your young children in case both you and your spouse die within a short period.
If you hire an attorney, as recommended, to write your will, you should be sure to have the document updated every time there's a change in local, state, or federal laws in order to keep your will accurate at all times. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $10,000 for a will, depending on the nature of it.