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Here listed are the steps you need to remove and change any water pump. Depending on the make, model of the car, here are a list of tools you will need.
1.Flat Head Screwdriver
2.One-half inch Wrench or 12mm Socket
3.One-10mm Socket or 3/8 Socket
4.One Putty Knife
5.One Gallon Anti-Freeze
6.One new Gasket
7.One new Waterpump
Directions: Remove the fanbelt, then the pulley, then bolts to the waterpump. Remove the 5/8 heater hoses that go to the waterpump, remove the bolts from the waterpump, remove the waterpump. Take a putty knife and clean all the old gasket from the block of the engine. Put the new gasket on the waterpump. Hold the new waterpump up to the block of the engine where it goes, put all the bolts back in, finger tight. Take a socket, tighten all the bolts on the waterpump snug, this is to set the gasket. Now tighten all the bolts down tight.
Put the pulley back on, now the hoses on, then put
fan belt on, add water and anti-freeze. Mix half
and half of the water and anti-freeze, before putting that in. Check for any leaks coming from the hoses or the waterpump. If there are no leaks then you are finished. The job is completely done.