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Memories, like a vision in your mind, can now be captured forever in a VHS movie or digital video. No matter what kind of equipment you currently have, now is the season to take time, to make time, to interview and make movies.

The new digital video cameras are coming down in price, so treat yourself to the new technology. DV has twice the lines of resolution as VHS, so the picture is twice as sharp and clear.

In our stressed days, sometimes we forget to listen or to even talk to each other. Think of how grateful a family member will feel when you tell them you are going to give them the opportunity to talk about their life.

Perhaps the want to talk about the good old days of their childhood. Sometimes asking them about a positive time in their lives will bring forth a flood of good feelings that everyone can share.

The only other investment you'll need to make will be a tripod, if you don't currently have one. Keping the camera steady will improve the intimacy of the movie you are trying to make. Natural lighting, from a bright sunny day is good as long as it is indirect and not in their eyes.

Have your chair directly across from them, but not in camera view. Set the camera up behind you, and focus on your subject. Have a prepared list of questions to help jog their memory and keep the stories moving. Also have a glass of water close by, and a box of tissues. Try to remember this is a quality time for you and your family member.

Take breaks if necessary, and pause the filming, this will save you from having to edit. Offer to make copies for other members of the family to share. Soon you will have a memory keepsake to treasure for a lifetime.