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If your vcr is playing sluggishly and the picture seems to be catching, or if your vcr keeps spitting the tape out then 90% of the time it just needs to be cleaned.

Here is what you will need:

A flat head screwdriver
A hexagonal screwdriver
1 bottle of pure rubbing alcohol
1 package of q-tips
1 vcr that meets the requirements above
1 cap full of vegetable oil (trust me it will come in handy)


There is a cover that fits on top of the vcr take the screw driver and take out the screws making sure to put them all together. (so they will not be lost) then after you have removed the cover you will probably see allot of black grease. With the rubbing alcohol pore it in to the cap of the bottle. Then with a q-tip dip it into the alcohol and begin cleaning all the black dirty grease off. Changing your q-tip every time it gets dirty. Make sure to get every gear and nook and cranny even if there is dirt on the circuit on the circuit board. Clean it too. It is just as important. Once it is all clean set it up on somewhere that it will not be disturbed for 24 hours. This is very important because if you do not do this it will tear up your vcr. So make sure to put it up out of the reach of children and anyone else. Then after 24 hours take the vegetable oil and pour just enough to cover the bottom of the lid. Take a q-tip and dip it into the vegetable oil. Make sure there is just enough on the q-tip to grease the gears not to soak them. Go through the gears and grease every one of them. Also lightly grease all bands and band gears. Do not grease the silver part in side of the vcr or the circuit board. The out side of the silver part reads the tapes so they will come across your screen clearly. It is ok to grease the inside of the silver canister very lightly. Once this is all done. Let the oiling you just did sit for at least 1 hour so it will soak into the gears and the bands. Then put the cover back on and screw in the screws. You are all done.

Please note: if your vcr is still malfunctioning then it was not in need of cleaning and it does need to be taken to the repair shop immediately! Do not clean your vcr more than every 1 1/2 months. If you live on a country road where there is a lot of dust then you can clean your vcr every month if necessary to keep it in good running order.

Enjoy the movie!