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These days almost every TV program guide provides the VCR Plus+ codes for many of your favorite shows. These codes allow your VCR to automatically recognize the Start Time, End Time, and channel of the show you want to record. Rather than having to program each of these elements separately, the VCR Plus+ code does the whole thing in one simple step!

VCR Plus+ will only work correctly if you make sure that your VCR clock is set to the correct time and you have a video tape in your recorder with enough tape available to fit the entire show you want to record.

Once you're sure of these elements, you can begin setting up for a VCR Plus+ recording.

1. Turn on your TV and set it to the video channel. If you use a cable box, turn it on. You'll need your VCR remote control to set up to record.

2. Press the VCR Plus+ button on your remote control.

The TV screen displays a box with eight dashes (indicating eight blank spaces) for you to enter the digits of the VCR Plus+ code.

3. Press the number buttons on your remote control to enter the PlusCode number as it's listed in your TV program guide beside the entry for the show you want to tape.

If you press the wrong number at any point, press CLEAR and re-enter the corect number.

4. Press the SP/EP button on your remote control to select the "Slow Play" or "Extended Play" tape speed. (Extended Play allows you to fit as much as six hours of taped programs on the same tape that Slow Play fills in two hours.)

5. Press the UP or DOWN arrow on your remote control to highlight the option to tape this program "Once," "Daily," or "Weekly." When the selection you want is highlighted, press the Enter button.

That's it! Based on the VCR Plus+ code that you entered, your VCR knows when to start taping on which channel and when to stop. It even knows whether or not to repeat this procedure for you as often as everyday from Monday to Friday.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget that for your VCR to start taping when you've indicated, the VCR must be turned off.