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When purchasing any used vehicle you must be aware of many things, but when you purchase an Audi you should be extra careful. Audis’ are a wonderful, good-looking car, but the upkeep is very costly. Audis’ are an expensive car to purchase, but the service cost will take your breath away also. They have many perks and to some people the perks out weigh the "might-bes."

As with any foreign vehicle parts are considerably higher than the American vehicle. Average price for brake pads is $40-$60. Average cost for an Audi is $100-$120, almost double. The reason is not only because the vehicle is foreign, but because the brake pads have a sensor built in. If your brakes are going out in your Audi a light will come on to signal that you should have them checked. A good warning, but to replace them you must buy the brake pads with the sensor built in. If you want to have the transmission fluid checked, you must take it to an Audi dealership because Audi’s require a special electronic dipstick to get an accurate reading.

Then you must find someone who will work on foreign cars. Going to the dealership is an option, but you will pay through the nose on every problem. The ideal option is to find a small time mechanic who is willing to work on an Audi. This can be difficult because most small time mechanic do not like to bother with foreign cars. In the past years so much of a vehicle is on the computer that small time mechanics do not bother with them. If you can find a small time mechanic that you trust, keep them! You can usually get away with low labor rates and honest part rates.

Now, it is just the general upkeep of an Audi that will throw you over. Oil changes, car washes, waxes, carpet washes, leather treatments, and so on. All are optional, but when you have an Audi you must uphold the image. Audi are a very expensive cars and should always look well taken care of.

Another thing to think about is the insurance on an Audi. Audis' are a very safe vehicle, they are a qualtiy built car. Most come with dual air bags and anti-lock brake systems. This can give you a nice insurance discount. Driving a safe car can make a huge difference in you life.

Overall, they are a fun, exciting car with many luxurious options. They are a guaranteed head turner when shined to the maximum. Audis’ are a well-built, safe vehicle and are a great car to own. I recommend that you put aside some emergency money for repairs that will come up unexpectedly. This is a good idea for any person, but with Audis' the repairs that are done are not usually pocket change.