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Many of your child’s favorite and most long-lasting toys can also be the easiest and cheapest to make! Create great fun for your child, and yourself, by making a tree swing! There are several inexpensive and easy ways to make the swing.

One method involves drilling two holes in a board and slipping a rope through each hole. It is very difficult to get and keep this type of swing level.

There is an easier way to make a board tree swing and you can keep it level.


Making a Board Tree Swing


1. One board, about 4 to 6 inches wide and 14 or more inches long. The board should be at least one-inch thick.

2. Rope (nylon rope lasts the longest). Measure from the branch to the approximate level of the swing. Triple that measurement to determine the length of rope you need.

3. Hand or electric saw.

4. A handy, sturdy, horizontal tree limb. Remove any nearby branches that the swing or rope might hit.



1. Use the saw to cut v-shaped notches in each end of the board. Each notch should extend about two inches into the end of the board and be about one-inch wide at its widest part.

2. Wrap one end of the rope around the tree limb. Tie the rope to itself with a square knot.

3. Repeat with the other end of the rope. The ropes should be about six inches further apart on the limb than the length of the board. For example, if the board is 14 inches long, the ropes should be about 20 inches apart on the limb. You now have a big loop of rope hanging down toward the ground.

4. Now, throw the loop of rope up over the limb. The rope should wrap around the limb inside the knotted wrap on each side. Throw it over at least three times, until the bottom of the rope is a few feet off the ground, depending upon the age and size of your child.

Note: It is very important to wrap the rope around the limb several times. This prevents the rope from rubbing back and forth on the limb, which can damage the tree and wear out the rope.

5. Place the board so the rope is underneath it and fits into the notches on each end. Slide the board back and forth until it is level.

The board tree swing is ready for fun!


Care of the Board Tree Swing:

Each spring, test the rope, because over several winters it will begin to weaken and rot.

Replace the rope when necessary.

When the board begins to crack and splinter, it is time to replace it.

Occasionally, you may want to move the ropes on the tree limb, to keep the tree healthy.


Happy Swinging!