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You likely won’t run into many problems with a treadmill or a stationary bike, especially a stationary bike that runs on a belt-flywheel. But here are some tips on how to repair your treadmill or stationary bike for those of you who do run into problems.

· If your stationary bike is new, you probably will need to loosen the belt a bit. You’ll find that shippers packed it so that it would not come off, and that’s likely not the tautness level that is needed to work the bike.
· If your stationary bike has a chain that is too loose, that’s a problem. There’s no real way to tighten a chain easily. You should simply buy a new one.
· If you’re going to be adjusting the chain or belt on your bike, you need to know how to remove the flywheel casing to get to those items. To remove the flywheel casing, simply remove the screws from the case, and loosen the bolt using a socket wrench. Lift the pedal off and remove the side case.
· If your treadmill belt is skewed, you need to adjust the bolts at the end of the platform, and put the belt in a proper position.
· If your treadmill belt is too loose, you should adjust the bolts at the end of the platform. If when you tighten the belt about three quarter turns, unplug the treadmill and open the power casing. Follow directions on your manual to adjust the motor’s drive belt slack.
· You know your treadmill belt is operating with the proper tension level if you can pull the belt easily off the treadmill by a few inches.
· Your treadmill belt should be centered on the treadmill unit and run straight down the platform. If it’s not, you should fix the problem by adjusting the bolts at the end of the platform and putting the belt in the proper position.