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1. First of all, you need to find some seats from another Camry of the same generation as yours. For example, to replace seats in a 1989 Camry, use only seats from 1987-1991 Camrys as they are of the same design.

2. Use a 14mm socket and loosen the four bolts holding the seat to the floor (2 front, 2 rear).

3. On the rear side of the seat next to the center console, there is a sliding mechanism attached to the side of the console with a gold-colored bolt. This bolt is hidden by a plastic cover. Simply slide a screwdriver under the cover and pop it off. Then take off the bolt with the same 14mm socket.

4. Remove the four previously loosened bolts.

5. Pull the seat out carefully. The seat tracks have sharp edges. On the driver's side seat, there is an electrical harness underneath that you will need to unhook before you can remove the seat. This harness is hooked to the seat belt, and you will need it later, so do not break it.

6. To put in the new seats, align the holes on the seat tracks with those in the floor, and put in the four bolts. Once all four bolts are in correctly, tighten them with your finger, alternating between tightening each bolt.

7. Thread in the gold-colored bolt on the side of the console, and tighten. Snap the plastic cover over it once you are done.

8. Hook up the electrical harness underneath the driver's seat, and tighten down all four bolts front and back to 35 lb-ft.

9. Done!!!