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When you go to the doctor with something wrong, you tell him or her your symptoms. Once the doctor knows the symptoms, he or she can narrow down what your problem might be. It might sound funny, but you are going to do the same thing to repair your toilet. Look for the symptoms to narrow down the problem. Then, once you find the problem, you can fix it. There are four main symptoms a toilet can give. Here is a list of them, and possible causes. Once you know the cause, you will have a solution.

1. Water runs continuously

Many times after you flush, the water continues to run. It is normal for it to run for awhile, but it should shut off within minutes. If it doesn't you might want to check these things:

a. Valve Seat and Tank Ball
The valve seat is the hole leading to the toilet. The tank ball covers this hole to keep water in the tank. Check to make sure these two items are connecting properly. If not, clean both. If this does not work, you might need a new tank ball.

b. Ball Cock
The ball cock is the contraption at the very top the of tank that is connected to the lever you push to flush your toilet. You know when it is not working properly, and you can giggle it to make the water stop. Well, it might be a sign of a larger problem. The ball can wear down, and so can the washers around it. You might need to replace these parts.
c. Float

2. Inadequate flushing

If there is not enough water going into your toilet when you flush, it's likely that the water level in the tank is low too. So, make sure the float is coming to the top. If not, check to make sure the chain isn't caught on something. If so, straighten out the chain. Also check to make sure there isn't a hole in the float.

3. Condensation on tank

There could be two reasons you have condensation on the tank. One is that water is running constantly. If that is the case, check step number 1. If not, it's probably because the water coming into the tank is cold. There isn't much you can do about this except to insulation the inside of your tank, which will help with the sweating. You can buy the insulation and most plumbing stores.

4. Water leaking

This is definitely the worst of symptoms, because it might be expensive to fix. Most likely the tank-bowl connection is bad, or the seal is broken between the bowl and waste line. Either way, these are complex plumbing problems, and it is time to call a plumber.