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In this day and age, we have more and more information that comes across our desk at work. Usually it is in the form of paperwork. You have an “in” basket, and an “out” basket. Learning how to manage those endless piles of paper is half of the battle. By creating a “tickler” file system, you can stay more focused on the task at hand, and keep organized as well.

What is a tickler file system?
A tickler file system has files, slots, or envelopes, numbered from one to thirty-one for the days of the month and twelve labeled files for the months of the year. The purpose of a tickler file system is to make sure that projects get dealt with on a timely basis.

How is a tickler file system used?
Place items into the file according to the due date or action date in which you will deal with that particular item. At the beginning of each new month, make your way through the file to which that month pertains and distribute the items according to the due date within the month that you will deal with each item. You will then pull items from the file each day as you deal with them. If the system is not reviewed on a daily basis it can break down.

Some office supply stores sell tickler files already made up. If you are not able to readily locate one, you can make your own using manila file folders or manila file envelopes.

Now that you have an overview of how to create a “tickler” file system, you’re well on your way to being more organized and productive at the office. A “tickler” file system can be used for your home as well, to organize bills or projects you are working on at home. Good luck!