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You should test the water in your swimming pool each year before you start swimming in it. The simple way to do this is to get a calcium reagent kit to test the pH, TA and chlorine levels.

· When you collect a water sample from your pool, don’t do it right on the edge of the water, but at least a foot-and-a-half from the side of your pool. Testing should be done before you add chlorine or any other chemicals to your pool in order to determine just what your water situation is.
· You’ll want to test the water ever day for the first 14 days you use your pool during the season. You’ll make changes daily to your pool water until it stabilizes and remains about the same on a daily basis.
· You should test the water no less than six hours after adding chemicals to your pool.
· When you test the water, rinse the test tube in the pool and fill it to the line indicated on the tube. Look at what the directions that come with your kit say about what types of chemicals and how much of them you should add to your water.
· If your pool has cloudy water, you likely have a high pH level, have algae growing in your pool, or you have a poor filtration system. Test the pH level. If it’s high, add acid to your pool to neutralize your pH. If you have algae growing in your pool, add chlorine to kill it. If your filtration system needs cleaned, clean it.
· If your pool foams at the top, you’ll want to add a somewhat high level of chlorine to your pool to shock the organisms growing. You’ll need to run the pump on your pool until the foam goes away and the water is clearer.
· If you have slime growing on the top of your water, you don’t have enough chlorine in your pool. You need to adjust the pH level and run the pump until the water is clear.
· If your eyes and skin becomes irritated when swimming in the pool, you have too many contaminants in your pool. Your chlorine level is either too high or too low.
· If there crud building up in your pool, along its sides and bottom, you need to use a cleaner to completely clean your pool. You should also require those who use your pool to bathe before swimming.