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It’s summer. Time for vacations and enjoying the warm sun. But is your car prepared to take you where you want to go? Nothing can be as frustrating as breaking down during hot weather but there are some tips you can follow
to make sure your summer time fun involves pools and swimsuits rather than waiting for the tow truck and hefty mechanic bills.

1. Make sure your radiator is working properly. It contains the coolant which helps prevent overheating. Radiators can crumble, leak, and get clogged. Be certain to have it looked at by your mechanic.

2. Have your mechanic also check all your belts and hoses attached to the cooling system. Make sure there are no cracks in these attachments. The rubber should be smooth.

3. Check the thermostat on your car. It tells you when your car is overheating. It may need to be replaced, a cost which is small and would more than make up for the costs associated with running your car hot for long periods of time.

4. Have the mechanic check the water pump. If it were to break, your car would leak coolant.

5. Don’t let the mechanic forget to look at the heater core. The coolant runs through it and you should be certain that there are no leaks.